Suzy Spoon: Product Information

All products have 4 weeks fresh shelf life from when they are made. We have found they only have 1-2 weeks shelf life when frozen then thawed. We have been recommend by the supplier to sell them frozen. Suzy Spoon doesn’t use any preservatives and this is why the fresh shelf life (thawed) is so […]... read more

Look out for Nutra Organic Bone Broth’s New Packaging!!!

SAME PRODUCT….. DIFFERENT LOOK!! NUTRA ORGANICS IMMUNE JOINT GUT HEALTH Bone broth is high in protein and rich in minerals that can support immunity and … joint health as well as improving digestive health and reducing inflammation. Pls note codes for this product remains the same. However bar codes have been changed.... read more

5 Broth Boosters To Fight The Common Cold

Bone Broth is rich in immune boosting minerals and for centuries has been used as a powerful cold and flu remedy. However you can always up the immune fighting power of your broth. Here are 5 of our favourite broth boosters to help get you through the winter sniff free. Garlic: Garlic is a wonderful natural […]... read more


  We are pleased to announce that common sense has finally prevailed, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG)has today voted to approve hemp as a food product!... read more


Now back in stock at Pemco Agencies!! Your favourite Natural Turmeric Paste from Pure Food Essentials. A blend of turmeric, vinegar, citric acid and salt, Turmeric Paste is easy to use. Just spoon it out of the jar in equal quantities as you would for powdered turmeric. Healthy and delicious in juices, stir frys, curries, rice, […]... read more
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